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20 Interesting Sample Titles For A Research Paper On Nursing

Coming up with the title for your research paper can prove very challenging especially if you are not sure of what your focus should be or what your thesis is. Below you will find 20 interesting sample titles for a research paper on nursing. It is important to note that these sample titles relate to works better previously completed by other students and may not necessarily work as title for you.

  1. Barriers to breast self-examination
  2. The relationship of vitamin intake in preschoolers
  3. The influence of family dynamics on male cardiac surgery recovery
  4. Reasons why teenagers seek clinical care for venereal disease information
  5. Characteristics of clients stopping a smoking addiction with nicotine patches
  6. The influence of income level on childhood obesity
  7. the influence of income level on adult obesity
  8. Exercise and sleep pattern disturbances in women
  9. Life satisfaction for elderly as it relates to living arrangements
  10. The quality of life for cancer patients
  11. Lack of access to any healthcare for mentally ill patients
  12. Attitudes of adult male African-Americans toward Healthcare Services
  13. Strategies to improve early testicular cancer detection
  14. Health beliefs of smokers within smoke-free environments
  15. Activities that family nurse practitioners complete
  16. Evaluating home healthcare services
  17. Determining the relationships between factors related to teen pregnancies
  18. Relationship between life satisfaction and alternative therapies for patients with multiple sclerosis
  19. Analysis of questions in small group tutorials
  20. How children perceive stress in pediatric intensive care units

When you're selecting a title for your particular assignment it is best that you include something related to the point of interest or the focus of your study. This will help you to select something that is the most informative option for your readers. You never want your title to leave the readers confused as to the purpose of your study.

When you are selecting a title for your assignment you have to include the broader theme or the bigger topic that your final piece addresses. You might also want to include the focus which is the angle or the aspect of that broader topic that you were going to tackle. For works that are significantly more empirically driven or theoretically driven you want to include a practical component such as the outcomes or the problems associated with your area of interest.