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The 10 Most Interesting Research Paper Topics In Pediatrics

Pediatrics or medicine for children can be a very interesting topic. It is also an extremely broad topic and can be written on a large number of great topics. Here are the 10 most interesting research paper topics in pediatrics:

  1. Should vaccinations be mandated or is this a violation of our civil rights?
  2. Should smoking in a car be against the law if a child is present?
  3. What signs should you look for in a sexually abused child?
  4. What emotional challenges are there for the siblings of a disabled child?
  5. How important is human touch in a newborn?
  6. Is there link between childhood vaccinations and autism?
  7. Do all children have the right to health insurance?
  8. Is ADHD over-diagnosed and are medications helping or hurting?
  9. How to help parents cope with a child that has a terminal illness.
  10. Should adolescents be given birth control by their pediatrician?

Once you have decided on a topic, the rest is done the same way all of your other papers are completed. If you follow the same routine for your papers, you will find that they are much easier to accomplish. Here is a quick guideline for creating an excellent research paper:

  • Since you have your thesis statement now is the time to do some research. Get your research done as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin your paper. Start your research early and get it done so you know what you have to do. Take excellent notes and try to use index cards so you can organize them easily.
  • Create a detailed outline. This is an absolute necessity for any writing that you do. The outline should include the introduction and conclusion as well as what you want to include in your body. The length of the body depends on how long our paper is supposed to be. Make sure you have everything important in your outline that you want in your paper. You can decide on the flow by changing the outline around.
  • Create your rough draft. Follow your outline like a road map and write your paper. Once you have completed the paper ask someone you respect to read it over. Have them give you advice on how to make it better and ask them to make sure it makes sense. Make the adjustments recommended and make sure your grammar and spelling is correct.
  • Create your final draft and hand it in. Be proud of what you have created.