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Ideas And Tips For Creating A Research Paper On Violence In Sports

Focusing on Violence in sports can give you a unique opportunity to deliver an essay with a difference, but where do you start when it comes to research? Although there are many viewpoints on violence in sports, you need to ensure that you find a topic that not only is interesting to you, but to those who would be looking over your dissertation.

Look at Sports That Already Involve Violence

Boxing and mixed martial arts are part of everyday life, but how does it stand from a legal viewpoint?

  • Students could explain how society is more accepting of violence in sports as opposed to violence itself.
  • The progressions of sports involving could be researched for homework. For example, has the violence in boxing always been considered as acceptable or have viewpoints changed over the years?

Look at Violence That Has Occurred In Non-Violent Sports

Although the sport itself may not be violent, many violent occurrences have taken place in a selection of sports; examples include the clashing of egos on a football field. Some violent occurrences may have made a bigger impression than others, but don’t let the popularity of an event sway your decision when writing your thesis on violence in sports. Take a freelance view and do your research to ensure that you are covering a topic that is relevant to your term paper.

  • Students could focus on a particular sport, and research the violence suffered by it.
  • Sports organizations could also be looked into, for example, does a particular sporting federation have an unusually high record when it comes to violence.

Does Violence in Sports Lead to Violence Elsewhere

Violence in sports is accepted by many, fans of mixed martial arts, boxing and karate will testify that a person using a sport to focus their violence is better than them using violence in everyday life. But it is worth considering whether violence in sports could lead a particular person to inflict violence in their private life.

  • Students could look at whether it is the sport itself that leads to a particular group of people being violent elsewhere.
  • Should there be checks in place to determine that any person taking part in violent sports is in a satisfactory mental state?
  • How do sporting federations defend themselves when questions are asked in relation to any violence that has occurred off their premises?