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Creating An APA Nursing Research Paper: 10 Useful Writing Hints

All the research papers should be written in past tense and should avoid copying of the content from anywhere. Refer only authenticated resources to include genuine and well tested information. A nursing research paper in APA format should be well thought out in terms of composition and writing style.

Check out following 10 useful tips to write a creative one-

  1. The title page should be in abbreviated form. Its running head should be in capital letters and should be less than 50 characters. The title should be placed in the centre approximately half page down. The abbreviated form of the running head should be 4-5 words of length and should not be used for literature reviews, Meta analysis or experimental purposes. No need to underline or use italics form of writing.

  2. The research paper title, author’s name, affiliation should be placed in the centre either vertically, horizontally or both. I should be double spaced.

  3. Page numbers must always be placed on the upper right hand corner of the page.

  4. The abstract should be written in 150-250 words only. The essence should be written in the form of one liner.

  5. When you are writing the introductory part of the research paper, it should be clearly and explicitly written after investigating all the constructions.

  6. The typeface should be 12 Points and should be in New Roman style.

  7. Ensure that all the first lines of your paragraphs are indented. Its text should be flushed towards the left. Your each paragraph should be indented at least 5 spaces and all the paragraphs should have at least more than two sentences.

  8. The reference work should start from the new page. The word ‘Reference’ should be written in the centre. Ensure that all your references are arranged in alphabetical order. The author’s last name should be written first and then the first initial of the first name. Maintain line spacing between the entire author’s names. Maintain double space throughout the reference. Example- Bonnie, R. J.

  9. One inch margin should be kept on all the sides of the nursing research paper. Use headings to organize your paper. However never end your page with a heading.

  10. Last but not the least, grammar and punctuation plays a vital role in any APA style nursing research paper writing. In absence of it, you are sure to degrade your scores. Always proofread your paper before submitting it.