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How To Structure Research Paper Citation In The APA Format

The APA format is one of the most commonly preferred referencing methods that you will come across in when you are going through your studies, and for the same reason it is important for you to take a keen interest in it, to make sure that you know how to cite your papers and structure the same appropriately.

You might be surprised but so many students end up working so hard on their assignments and papers, only to fail because they did not take heed of the referencing instructions. This is a mistake that you shall not make, and you will not lose marks unnecessarily just like that. If you follow the instructions and guidelines that we have set forth herein, you will not need to worry about struggling with such easy tasks at all.

The first thing that will earn or dock you marks without anyone reading through the rest of your work is the arrangement of the paper. You must always make sure that you hand it in when it has been typed and double spaced. If you happen to use any other instructions apart from this, some of the strict lecturers will not even allow you some breathing space.

While still on the same note, you must pay special attention to the font. More often than not, students are advised to make sure that whichever font they use, it is legible and easily readable from far. You may therefore be free to use whichever font that you want, but make sure that it is presentable, and legible. For this reason, try and avoid any of the fancy fonts that are available with MS Word, and stick to something more official like Times New Roman. Make sure that you use font size 12 for ease of readability.

There are 4 main sections of the paper that you must have:

  • Title page
  • The abstract
  • The main body
  • References

These chapters are the most important for this particular type of writing. Some students might wonder where the likes of the introduction and the conclusion are, but this is not something to worry about because they are taken care of in the main body of your paper. If you follow these simple guidelines, there is no reason for you to worry about passing your paper. Apart from that, make sure that you proofread the paper before sending it in for marking.