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How To Come Up With Interesting Research Paper Topics On Nutrition

Coming up with a unique and interesting topic takes a little work but it’s not as hard as you may think. It does take a little bit of ingenuity and creativity but that’s the fun part. You get to look at other topics just as a sounding board for ideas and then put your own twist on them. You can also do a bunch of brainstorming on your own. Look at things around you related to nutrition. Browse through magazines and see what you find. Talk to other people and see what things they suggest.

Here are 25 very broad topics you can start with to make a topic. Since they are generalized, you will need to drill down deep and make the one you choose much more detailed. One example is given.


Broad topic: Green tea

Narrow topic: The effects of green tea polyphenols on drug metabolism

Topic ideas to start with:

  • Antioxidants in food
  • Body mass index
  • The psychology of hunger
  • Weight and the expectations of society
  • Eating habits of teenage boys
  • Food and culture of teenage girls
  • The scam of the weight loss industry
  • Wine making and tasting
  • Value of nutritional supplements
  • The consequences of malnutrition on a child’s body
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • The history of genetically modified corn
  • The integration of soy into the food system
  • Does dietary fiber reduce inflammatory bowel problems?
  • Is there any validation to the claims of milk being tainted?
  • What effects does cultural eating habits on average weight?
  • Has the incidence of food allergies risen in the last decade?
  • Anorexia and bulimia
  • Jewish dietary laws
  • Organic food
  • Vegetarianism
  • Is current nutritional labeling sufficient?

You can see by the example that the general or broad topic was narrowed down by adding enough detail to it. This is necessary because you can’t work with a broad topic. There’s no way to know what stance you will take or which road of research you will follow. It must be something you can ask a question about and then dig for and formulate an answer.

A good research paper is rigorous, controlled, accurate, clear and verifiable. You are able to give enough supporting evidence and data to back up your research question. This must be presented in a precise and logical sequence. It should be original and you should use an academic style of writing.