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A List Of Unused Political Psychology Term Paper Topics

The most important thing to remember when you work on a political psychology term paper is the fact that it must include some original thought and research. Describing existing problems isn’t enough to make a good essay. You have to offer a personal outlook on these problems and suggest some original solutions. Without this, your paper will not amount to much and your grade will reflect that.

It might be difficult to choose a topic you want to focus your research on. If you can’t come up with anything interesting, study the following list. Perhaps some of these ideas will inspire you.

1. Fabricated political events and false memories of them.

This is a study into social behavior as well as the tools that allow it to be manipulated. You need to find some historical examples of such situations and explain how these false memories can be created.

2. Individualist ideology: psychological roots.

Why do people become individualists? How do technology and globalization contribute to this? Is it a good or bad thing? Can this process be stopped?

3. Is astrology scientific?

How did some politicians use astrology for their purposes? Who believes in astrology today?

4. Theory of preferences.

Explain this theory. Identify its origins and factors that help it spread. How can it be used?

5. Reasoning and politicians.

Politicians often have to provide reasoning for their decisions. Study some of their speeches and analyze this reasoning. What tools do they use to make their speeches more persuasive?

6. Moral pluralism.

What is moral pluralism? How does the country’s policy affect moral foundations of society?

7. Deliberation: successes and failures.

Explain why deliberation is necessary in some situations. Define when it is unacceptable. Explain both pros and cons of this approach, and offer some historical examples to support your claims.

8. Psychological bias and political prisoners.

Can you find examples of political prisoners who were imprisoned due to a psychological bias of some kind? Study their stories carefully and offer solutions that will prevent a repeat of this situation.

9. Corruption psychology.

Corruption is the major problem of any political system. Identify psychological causes of corruption. Can this problem be eliminated completely?

10. Analytical thinking skills: liberals vs. conservatives.

Is it true that liberals think more analytically? Why do you think this happens? Are conservatives not “analytical” enough or do liberals think too much?

No matter what topic you choose in the end, you need to remember that you need to make sure there is enough material for you to fill the paper with. Do some preliminary research to determine this.