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Tips On How To Write Research Paper Using The APA Format

The format APA is used for writing research papers, articles and other kinds of works in social sciences. As for general requirements of this style you should:

  • Type the text on the paper of the standard size – 8.5" x 11".
  • Leave 2.5cm margins on each side of a page.
  • Use double-spaced intervals between the lines.
  • Apply Times New Romans font 12pt.
  • Type a page header (not more than 50 characters) at the top of each page on the left and the number of the page on the right. The page header should be typed in capital letters.

Requirements of the APA Format as to the Parts of Research Paper

These concern formatting of four main parts that are as follows:

  1. Title page.
  2. Center the title of your paper – maximum 12 words - in the upper half of the first page. The title should be typed in upper and low case letters. Place the author's first name, middle initial(s), and the last name below the title. The name of the institution where the research was carried out is typed beneath the author's name.

  3. Abstract.
  4. Type the word “Abstract” (as it is typed here) in the center of page 2 just below the page header. Type the abstract in one paragraph, in which inform about the theme of your research, problems, methods, analysis of the data, and summary. The lines shouldn't be indented.

  5. Body.
  6. Begin the third page with the title of your work in capitalized and low case letters. The following parts must be included in the main body: method, discussion, summary, and conclusion. Their headings should be typed in bold letters and paragraphs should be indented.

  7. References.
  8. Type the word “References” on the new page in the center. This page should contain each source that you cite in your paper – books, articles, and web sites. Indent the second and following lines of each entry half an inch to the right from the beginning of the first line. Give authors' names in alphabetical order as follows: the last name and initials.

Requirements to In-Text Citation

When citing somebody's words indirectly, type the author's last name, comma, and the year of publication in parenthesis. A direct quotation requires indication of the page number as well. Use quotation marks for short quotations. Longer quotations (those exceeding 40 words) are cited without quotation marks. In this case, start the quotation on a new line that is indented half an inch to the right of the preceding line.