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15 Most Interesting Topics To Do A Research Paper On

When you are writing a research paper, it is so important to make sure that you choose an interesting topic because it will make it so much easier to do research on the topic and so much easier to write about a topic that you like. When it comes to deciding on a topic, you should brainstorm any idea that you can think of. You can also look through your textbook or notes to get ideas on what you want to write your paper on.

These topics will get you headed in the right direction:

  1. Cybersecurity: you can conduct a research paper on what types of cybersecurity systems are the most beneficial.
  2. Ecommerce: how has ecommerce changed an industry of your choice
  3. Capital punishment: should it be allowed or does it deter crime
  4. Gun control: what methods of gun control work the best
  5. Drug testing: should they be done more often in the workplace
  6. Legalization of marijuana: what are the drawbacks of legalizing marijuana
  7. Diploma mills: do you think that some colleges are giving away degrees
  8. Grade inflation: are some of the grades inflated to promote the school
  9. Standardized tests: do these serve a purpose
  10. Conservation: what methods work the best
  11. Deforestation: what are the effects
  12. Artificial insemination: what are the results of this procedure on the product
  13. Teen pregnancy: is this number increasing and why
  14. Censorship: should there be more censorship in the media
  15. Media bias: do news broadcasts show a bias on various subjects

You will want to choose a topic to write about and then decide what aspect you will discuss about it. For example, you can talk about the effects of deforestation or you can take the stand and talk about the causes. You can talk about how it affects humans and how it affects animals. You will choose a general topic and then create a statement about the topic. This statement is what you will want to prove in your paper. You will create an outline so that you can organize your ideas. You will work to prove your statement and the outline helps you decide what reasons should be presented first and in what order to present the other reasons to make the paper the most effective. Create a statement and then work to prove it.