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Coming Up With Fresh American History Term Paper Ideas

America is a relatively young country, but in that short time, there has been a lot of action. The two theories of man’s arrival to North America, coastal and travel over an Alaskan strait bridge, begin the book known as the history of the United States. Most students must take an American history class in junior high (middle school) and in high school. Consequently, you will have to write essays. When the teacher assigns your paper, use one of our fun and educational topics:


  • The women of the Revolution-explore the wives of the Sons of Liberty for a different prospective on the American Revolution.
  • The Flaws-it is said that all great men have great flaws, pick some of the men from history, such as John C. Calhoun, Bill Clinton, or George Custer, and review their flaws.
  • The Mayas-the Mayas were ahead of their times and they have a large impact on the formation of the United States. Explore this amazing group.
  • The Duels-explore the duels of the famous men in US history.
  • Harriet Tubman-trace her Underground Railroad and the people who helped her along the way.
  • Songs of Protest-students always love the songs of protest idea for a paper, and those songs probably go back a lot further than you think. Start with the times of Southern slavery.
  • The Gullahs of the Sea Islands-the craft, history, and beauty of this cultural group is amazing. They can be traced all the way back to the rice growers of West Africa.
  • The Jim Crow Laws-explore the laws and what would happen if they were broken.
  • The Sons of Liberty, name, describe, and explore ach of these men. Talk about what they did to ensure that there would be a United States of America.
  • The Bill of Rights-how does it affect you, what is it, and why does it serve as the foundation o four country?
  • Fashion through the Years in America-this is a fun topic!
  • The Death of President Lincoln and President Kennedy-how are the two assignations similar?
  • The best or the worst president ever-explain your reasons for your select, be very specific and have lots of facts, not just your opinions.
  • Music-explore the origins of the different types of American music. You could explore the Blues or Folk music and the south. Or look at the songs of Depression or the flapper music of the 1920s.