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Where To Find A Well-Written Sample Of A Research Paper Methods Section

It can be very frustrating when you have a research paper due, and you have no idea where to start. If only there were some way you could find a sample paper to help you figure out what to do. Well, there is! There are many tools out there for persons who need to find a sample of the methods section of a research paper.


  1. Get Study Room - One unknown method of getting a well-written sample is by connecting with other peers who are taking the same course as you. If you join Get Study Room, you can add the courses you are doing and converse with people who are doing the same course. In doing so, you can ask for help or sample papers in order to guide you in your own paper.

  2. Ask your professor - Assignments being given out were probably given out to a previous group. So if you are enrolled in a course, ask your professor if he/she has any sample material that you can use.

  3. Use Google Scholar - Instead of using Google for results, use Google Scholar as it is used to conduct more academic based research. Not only can you use this to find a sample, you can also use it to find information to help you with your paper.

  4. Purdue Online Writing Lab - This tool is extremely useful is guiding you in your work. It has many sample papers in different formats, and all you have to do is search for the sample you need and a list of options are presented for your choosing.

  5. Slide Share - Slide Share is one of the most effective ways to find sample methodology. It will usually present the whole paper, so you’ll have to search for the Methods section but most of the time it gives you the option of saving the paper to your device, so you can have it for later reference.

  6. Explorable - By visiting Explorable’s website, you are entering the world with a large body of knowledge on many subjects. The site has many different that can actually come in handy in your research but even better it offers sample papers and gives advice on how to write a research paper.

By using the six methods above, you can find not only sample methodologies for your research papers but also, in most cases, information that will help you complete. Good luck!