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A Manual For Composing A Research Paper About Kidnapping

If you are tasked with creating a research paper on the topic of kidnapping you need to make sure that you are presenting a comprehensive peace which has a clearly stated thesis and supporting evidence.

The purpose of the research is to thoroughly analyze scientific information such as findings from an academic study and to present that information in a coherent fashion which supports your thesis statement. The language involved in this type of assignment is significantly more scientifically oriented compared to other assignments you may have encountered in the past which are much more creative in nature.

  • When you are composing this particular type of assignment you want to begin with a preliminary thesis. Your thesis is the main subject or purpose of your final piece, something which gives structure to the writing. You want to make sure though that the thesis you have at the onset is flexible. The reason for this is to cover all bases so to speak. Many students encounter the dilemma of starting out with their thesis and diving into the research only to find that the existing evidence supports the opposite argument or is nonexistent.

  • If you are unsure about the topic you have you can always run your thesis by your teacher for approval prior to starting on the research process.

  • As you continue forward with this assignment your goal is to craft questions pertaining to the topic, questions which you anticipate will be asked by your readers. In order for you to be an authority on the subject you need to ask and answer the right questions. Try and put yourself in the shoes of a reader. Your reader will want to know why they should care about this subject. You need to answer that question. Your reader will want to know why this is important and how it impacts the greater community or the bigger picture and this is something you need to answer as well.

  • In order to establish yourself as an authority on the subject you need to know as much about your topic as you can. More information you can present comprehensively, the more convincing your final piece will be to the audience. Make sure that the evidence you are presenting is current and that you cite all of your sources properly In order to come across as an authority figure on the topic.