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Organizing A Research Paper Presentation Properly

There are many movies which have a brilliant storyline but still disappoint viewers because they are uncouthly presented. A smart presentation is an important tool; especially when your aim is to sell an idea, a business plan or a research work.

  • Assimilation of junctures
  • While organizing the research paper presentation; you should first assimilate the crucial junctures of the paper in a systematic manner. You shall then sieve out the more impacting points; including the major problems you have attempted to offer solutions for.

  • Preparation required
  • Now, you also need to prepare seminally for the presentation. You should work over control, poise, confidence and ease of delivery. Your points should be confidently yet smoothly made so that listeners don’t have to make an extra effort.

  • Generate interest bang on
  • You should cut to the main cord straightaway so that the listener gets directly interested. He now angles for what may come and there lies the curiosity element of your research paper. Do not create a prologue to reinforce that you are an authority on the subject. Make acknowledgements and references at intervals in the presentation.

  • Discuss your contribution
  • You should stream out your contribution to the research topic and how you approached the whole construct. This makes listeners identify with you. You should allot major emphasis on specific points which are trendy and are expected to keep the audience rooted.

  • Keep connected
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience and only check out the computer in a cursory manner. You should offer solutions and liberations. The audience should get an idea of the effective ways in which the research topic can be handled and negotiated. The dynamics will obviously depend on the integrity and importance of the subject.

  • Keep outlines handy
  • You should also keep the outlines handy so that the audience knows the route they are going to take. You should organize the slides in a reader-friendly way; without flash, animations and distracting fonts or background. The words should be easily legible and the font big enough for the convenience of the weak-sighted.

  • Practice necessary
  • Your research paper presentation should be progressive and streamlined, with enough bite to encourage the audience to feel like going through the paper. Needless to say, you should practice the presentation at home till you are confident you can deliver it with finesse. Get an observant critic to assess your quality and capacity.

When you make the presentation with grit and gravity; it does have resonant impact on the audience, almost naturally.