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How To Create An Eye-Catching Biology Research Paper Title Page: Tips & Tricks

Working on your research paper is certainly an achievement itself. You should be grateful and proud that you are studying a degree in the first place. If you are doing a degree in biology, the task will certainly be a bit more difficult and it might be hard to create an eye-catching title page! However there are a few tips that you can follow to make your title page stand out and in return you should get a better grade.

  • Don’t be crazy with colours!
  • Although it’s all about creating an eye-catching title, it is actually not recommended that you should use colours for your research paper. First of all, this is rather unprofessional and second, your readers might be distracted by it! Therefore you content will be less focused on. This is not the effect you want and you should always avoid this at all cost. Instead, you can just simply go for the most traditional set up and that should get the trick done for you.

  • Be specific
  • A specific title is necessary and you really need to appeal to your readers on this one. A catchy title is always short but specific. It’s not really that hard. All you have to do is think of what you have done in the research and then just summarising it in a sentence. That would be your title. Although this may sound a bit difficult and complicated, it really isn’t too hard when you get used to it. All you need is a bit of practise and that’s it! However, this doesn’t mean you should go for an extremely brief title and leave out all the essential contents! Your title page still needs to be informative about what you need.

  • Use jargons sparingly
  • Although the use of jargons may make you seem a bit more intelligent, it is advised that you should only use these terms sparingly. Nobody really wants to see too many unknown words in the title page! Instead, if you want to demonstrate your knowledge in the field, you should include these words in the main body of your research paper, but not your title page. Remember, always keep your title page clean and neat, as that would be the most appealing to your readers.