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A Quick Guide To Writing A Term Paper About Family Planning

How to write a research paper on the topic of family planning?

  • It is good to narrow the topic since family planning is such a broad one.
  • It is always good to pick three to five subjects regarding family planning to write about in a research paper.
  • The student must do some pre-research on the possible subject matters, before starting the actual research on the subject.
  • Also, it is good to do a rough outline of the potential topic to determine if it will be in your best interest to do an entire paper on it.
  • The student should have some knowledge and understanding of the subject matter picked for the term paper.

How to properly format a family planning term paper?

  • The research paper should be at least ten pages long.
  • The term paper has to include the following sections:
    1. Introduction or Abstract;
    2. Table of Contents;
    3. Case Study;
    4. Results;
    5. Methodology;
    6. Bibliography;
    7. Summary of Tests and Study;
    8. Conclusion; and
    9. Appendix.
  • The Introduction or Abstract portion will summarize the entire paper and state what will be discussed.
  • The case study and results sections will discuss the studies conducted and what was discovered.
  • The methodology portion will state how the tests and studies were done.
  • Bibliography and Appendices will outline the resources and source materials used to do the study.
  • Summary of tests and study section will provide information on how the subject can be researched further.
  • The Conclusion summarizes the entire research paper, the writer’s take on the subject matter, and how the subject can be studied further.

Good family planning topics that can be written about in a research paper:

  • Are contraceptives dangerous to use while breastfeeding a baby?
  • Are birth control pills and condoms the best contraceptives to use to prevent pregnancy?
  • What other contraceptives techniques are there to prevent pregnancy?
  • What are the main causes for women being infertile?
  • Does have a child after 45 years old have serious side effects?
  • What was the main purpose for starting Planned Parenthood in the early 1900s?
  • Is it really a moral sin to abort a pregnancy?
  • When is it okay for a woman to abort a pregnancy?
  • Why do politicians feel that it is their job to tell women whether or not to have a child?
  • Is it wrong for a woman to choose her career over having children?