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How To Cite A Research Paper In Chicago Format: Style Tips For Students

The Chicago formatting style (or CMS for Chicago Manual Style) is often used by publishers, editors and copywriters. There are other persons such as historians and indexers that also follow this style structure. Usually this style incorporates the use of in-text referencing and endnotes with a bibliography. This formatting style may have more details you need to pay close attention to in order to properly cite sources. There is additional information you can find here about research paper formatting. There are a number of things to remember when using this formatting style including easy to follow tips below.

  • Know Formatting Guidelines to Follow
  • When writing a paper following Chicago formatting style, be sure to follow all instructions carefully. Some schools may have a different way of teaching students how to follow this format. There are some details to keep in mind that most papers with this formatting style usually displays including double-spaced pages, one-inch margins all around on each page, and pages numbered with the except preliminary pages with works cited also being page numbered. Pay attention to details since something not completed or out of place could lead to loss of points.

  • Tips to Avoid Formatting Problems
  • Following the Chicago formatting style can be challenging since many feel there are more details to pay attention to with style that others. When including quotations they should be set off depending on number of lines of text. When you do this avoid use of quotation marks when setting off text. Next, single space quotation itself while leaving a double space before and after quotation. There are colleges with examples of how to create quotes in text along with writing blogs offering additional insight on how to do this correctly.

  • Look for Examples to Help You Format Correctly
  • It is important to find examples you can use to study and get an idea of how to develop your paper with this format. There are differences in how notes and bibliography are formatted, for example, that a sample paper could help you understand. Guidelines for your project may give another spin on how to complete this for your paper. If not you can find examples through college university websites and writing sites offering tips on how to format academic papers. Review examples first before attempting to format your project.