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How To Find A Good Historical Research Paper Abstract: Three Main Rules

A good research paper needs to contain exact information taken from good resources and an excellent compositional style. For a topic so difficult like history, you need to pay even more attention to the data that you integrate. You will also need to build additional elements if you want to have a complete project. An outline, abstract and references page are essential for a research paper. There are some rules that you need to follow to create a suitable abstract. Take a look before you start your project:

  • It needs to be relevant to the content of your research paper. You can not use here different information; it needs to be the same exact subject as the one that you use in your paper. You need, to summarize, the content and present it in a simple form, but still explicit. Anyone who will read the abstract of your paper needs to know what your paper is about, what ideas you will discuss and why. Without this, the abstract is not suitable.
  • Keep it short. It can be difficult to introduce so many ideas in such a short piece. Depending on the requirements of your teacher, the abstract can be anywhere around 300 words or so. However, if you make it longer than you should it will not be summary anymore, and your professor will disqualify it. Do not waste space talking about small details or ideas that can’t be summarized in one sentence.
  • Use keywords that are representative for the subject. In this way, you will prepare the reader for your pain project, and he will already have an idea about the main ideas. However, do not use quotations or citations because they will take too much space, and they will not emphasize all the ideas from your paper. If you can’t keep it as short as it should be, you can ask help from somebody who did not read your principal essay. He can tell you what details seem unnecessary and what phrases you could re-write and make them shorter.

Do not forget to proofread your abstract before submitting it. Many students neglect this step because they don’t assume that they will find mistakes in such a short piece. That is why teachers find many grammar errors in the summary. Take a few minutes to read it and to adapt the punctuation if necessary.