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List Of Outstanding Economics Term Paper Ideas For University

The study of Economics can be a very rewarding experience. It is, after all, what makes the world go round. Countries and people all over the world rely on economics to prosper and make better lives for future generations. It is a vast field with many sub-areas of research. Here are some great ideas for term papers.

  1. The role of economics in war. A study of the great world wars.
  2. Who shapes economic policy: the government or the electorate?
  3. The issue of gender disparity in South Asia; Theory and evidence from an economic perspective.
  4. Gender Disparity in South Asia and its effects on household economics.
  5. Does the West use economic policy to subjugate the East? A discussion on the politics of economics, and the economics of politics.
  6. A discussion of the role of microfinance in the development of the Bangladeshi economy.
  7. What role has the advent of Grameen Bank played in the way financiers assess loan recipients?
  8. A discussion of the role of formal lending in the development of an economy.
  9. External debt or internal debt. Which is better for a country’s growth prospects?
  10. China’s rapid economic growth over the last 30 years is nothing short of being a miracle. Explain the reasons and effects of the country’s rise.
  11. China’s rate of growth is already declining following an astronomical rise for two decades. Can it reverse the trend?
  12. A discussion on the effectiveness of the World Bank on reduction of barriers to trade.
  13. A discussion on how a closed economy can actually be beneficial for a country.
  14. The dominance of the US dollar in worldwide trade is constantly challenged. What effect will converting to a different standard have on international economics enterprises?
  15. Discuss the role of economic sanctions as a policy tool. What is the effect on the target populations? Is it effective?
  16. Removal of barriers to trade: is it solely a matter of will?
  17. A discussion of the impact of rising disposable income on a population’s economic policy opinions.
  18. A study of the economic impact of high-frequency automated trading. What happens when something goes wrong?
  19. The economics of Global Warming. Is it hype or is it reality?
  20. The economics of Green Energy. A comparative study of the approaches taken by various countries and regions.