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Step-By-Step Guide To Writing A Brilliant Research Paper Discussion Section

The discussion section of our research paper is one of the most important because as you are working on it, you get to take a closer look at the material that you gathered in the course of the study. There is a lot of work that you get to do with regard to this particular chapter and it is for this reason that you need to be really careful about how you handle it.

Many are the instances when we have seen students deliver proper material only for them to fail to impress in this section. You no longer need to waste time wondering about what to do because everything that you need will be discussed right here.

The following is an outline of how you can work on the discussion chapter in your research paper. Make sure that you follow it in detail and you will be very happy with the results.

  • Only analyze content in your methodology
  • Do not introduce new ideas
  • Start with the important points first
  • Use topic sentences
  • Conclude the discussion

Only analyze content in your methodology

This might sound rather obvious, but you will be surprised at how so many students normally struggle with getting this right. Over time we have seen students who start the discussion perfectly and before long they start addressing other ideas that are not in their work. Try to avoid this as much as you can. Make sure that you do some very good work and have enough content to work with.

Do not introduce new ideas

This point is closely related to the one above. As you have been working on your paper, there are ideas that you started building from the moment you wrote the thesis statement in your introduction. Pay attention to these and develop them, but avoid introducing new ideas right now.

Start with the important points first

This is the conventional method of raising a discussion. Always make sure that you start off with the important points and then from there you can advance to the weaker points as you proceed.

Use topic sentences

Using topic sentences in your paragraphs is a very good way of earning more marks. This is because you get to alert the reader of what you are discussing beforehand.

Conclude the discussion

Finally, every point you make has to be concluded appropriately.