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5 Great Ideas For A Research Paper On Marketing Strategy

Research paper on marketing strategy should be written considering 4 Ps. Product, price, place and promotion are the parameters that should be addressed appropriately. Apart from that product must satisfy the requirements, should be adequately priced whenever seen by the customers to generate the sales. The proposal should be written in non technical language in a persuasive manner and should be thorough in its analysis.

Following are the 5 splendid ideas that should be considered while preparing a superb marketing strategy-

  1. Understand the Purpose and scope: The research paper is written in order to answer the research paper question. Its basic reason is to determine the ways of introducing the product. Sometimes research they are also written to understand the reason as in why sale is lagging though the product is properly established. Descriptive information is provided stating the reason of the ultimate objective. Cost factor is always estimated on the proposal. Apart from that timeline should be decided as a major milestone addressing the significance f the research proposal.

  2. The advertising environment: It is important area that must be discussed in the research paper. It includes –

    • Cultural issues- Demographic trends, attitudes
    • Technological issues- Internet, data interchange
    • Competitive factors: Pricing, services
    • Economic factors: Competition and unemployment

    Apart from that the global market should also be considered if the product is manufactured far from land or is imported from offshore locations.

  3. Data sources:
  4. While preparing the marketing strategy, the data should be collected from –

    • Primary sources - Interviews, surveys, focus groups, face to face feedback, online feedback
    • Secondary sources - Government publications, magazines, clipping services, trade organizations, online searches

    It is necessary to understand and discuss the likes and dislikes getting opinions of existing products. Primary sources costs high and are difficult to obtain whereas the secondary sources offer substitute of information.

  5. Methodology: The gathered data can be written in statistical format or in descriptive form. Measurement techniques should be written objectively. The methodology section should be so written that it interprets the data, blends the extract from both primary as well as the secondary sources, includes the anecdotal evidences, measures the intensity of the sentiments of respondents and compiles the consensus opinions via various inputs. The quantitative analysis with figures measures the data with more perfection. It states accurate outcomes for the tested hypothesis. However alternative methods that are used justify the inclusion.

  6. Drafting: Once the hypothesis has been refined, the draft should be prepared based on introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The matter should be analyzed in terms of editing and proofreading.