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A List Of Interesting Science Term Paper Topic Ideas To Discover

A science paper is so versatile that you can write about almost anything as long as you can bring scientific proofs for it. You need to be really passionate about the subject to provide a quality paper. Stay away from the overly used topics that are so common among your classmates. Even if they are easy, they will not be enough to bring you the maximum grade. You need something interesting and with enough available data to allow you to build an excellent paper. We have some great ideas for a science term paper for you to consider.

  • Organ donation. This is one of the cases when the evolution of science helped thousands of people. The process of taking an organ from an individual to another is extremely difficult. Explain how our body adapts to the new organ and how science evolved to this point.
  • Genetic diseases. There are some scientists that say that by modifying a particular part of our DNA, we can actually eliminate any genetic disease. Present their theory and express your point of view.
  • Intoxication with heavy metals. Something simple as having the wrong pipe in our home can actually be life threatening. Make an experiment and prove how heavy metals get dissolved in other substances.
  • Alternative energy. Nowadays, people can get energy from the most basic things. The problem is that we still did not find solutions to extend this process on a larger scale.
  • How chemicals affected the fauna. In some areas, where factories release their products into the soil, plants suffered severe mutations, and they can transmit these mutations for the next generations.
  • Is sugar really affecting our brain? Recent researches proved how sugar has the same effect on our brain as cocaine does. We simply become addicted to it, and this leads to a big number of diseases. Of course, we will transfer this addiction to our children.
  • Vaccines. More and more parents refuse to vaccine their children because some researchers say that these can have a damaging effect in the long term. However, the practice is strongly encouraged by doctors who say that vaccination is vital for the health of children.
  • Aerodynamics. Make an experiment and class and prove how airplanes fly. You can also make a short presentation about the evolution of planes. Clearly, there is a significant difference between the first rudimentary flying machines and the comfortable Jets we have nowadays.