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Free Tips On How To Cite Your Sources In An MLA Research Paper

The MLA format often looks like a dismal swamp of rules and guidelines. The trouble with all of this is you got to follow the rules carefully. Academia plays a tough game and you can expect your research paper tossed back if it doesn’t follow rules. Here are some tips on how to cite your sources:

  • Citing the Author. You would indicate the last name of the author and the appropriate page number;
  • The Author Being Cited on the Page More Than Once. You indicate the last name of the author and give a fragment of the title of the work being cited.
  • When No Author Is Noted. This is a little bit easier and it would indicate a title fragment and the appropriate page number.
  • The Same Source Is Used for a Number of Quotations in the Paragraph. The name of the author and the page numbers would be cited.

These are all examples of in text citations. It is quite understandable that it all can be quite confusing. This is simply the way the MLA format is designed. One thing to remember is the format will make it easier for your work to be published in a scholarly journal. Those publications do not want to do a lot of unnecessary work. It is why they insist on the MLA format to make things a lot easier. Adopting this particular format also permits you to submit your research paper to any number of publications. It can help advance your career in academia, which is really something you want to have happen. That explains what you have to do but it doesn’t make the job that much easier for you.

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