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In Search Of A Good Term Paper Title Page Example

The title page of a term paper is a very important part of a term paper. Precision is the main thing that one must strive for in this case. Generally, this kind of paper is written in APA format. In APA system the font size will be 12 in Times New Roman and must be double spaced. The first line indentation is a must. The headline of the title page (which is a running one) must be In capital letters.

What should be there in a good title page?

In APA format, there should be

  • Title of the paper
  • Name of the author
  • The educational background of the author
  • A running headline
  • Number of the page

How to select a good title for the paper?

Carefully observe the hypothesis of your writing and then make your title a precise one.

What about the running headline?

On the top of the left hand side, the running headline should be mentioned and it should continue to be mentioned in all the rest pages.

What about the page number?

In the upper hand side right corner, the page number should be mentioned.

Where and How to place educational background, name and title?

Yes, this is very much important to know where your name, educational, background and title should appear. It is better that you should place it in the center of the title page. But, you must not forget to double space the things.

A very important note

It will not be a wise thing to surpass 50 characters, including the letters, spaces etc.

Some tips

  • The tone of the title page is very important. Try to make it a professional one.
  • Be friendly in your attitude
  • Do not use any vague phrase like “many things are described here”. Instead, say the exact number of the things described here.
  • Above all, simply mention the objective of your writing.
  • Simple sentences are always better than the complex or compound one.
  • Mention clearly and precisely the main aim of your writing and how in your opinion it became successful in your writing.

If you follow above instructions, then it is sure that you are going to get the expected result from your writing. To be specific, you must have a proper plan before writing a good term paper title page.