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The Best Topics For Creating A Research Paper On Data Security

It is no longer a new thing to hear students complaining about the loads of academic writing they have to undertake. This includes writing research papers, essays and other miscellaneous projects. Some are complaining of back aches from bending over their books while others are complaining of sleepless nights. All these are efforts made towards attaining a certain level of educational qualification. With the emergence of the internet, there have been a lot of vulnerabilities which have continually alerted internet users and businesses to the importance of ensuring good security for every communication infrastructure.

Data security as we know it, is defined as the science of methods employed in protecting data, especially from unauthorized modification and disclosures. If you have been asked to write a research paper on data security and the problem you have is how to generate an interesting topic, you can get ideas for topics by reading articles and publications on some of the mind-boggling data security breaches of our time. Listed below are some interesting topics. They are:

  • Data Security: The Vulnerability to SQL Injection
  • The Link Between Weak Data Encryption and Identity Theft
  • Phishing Scams: How to Stay Out Of Trouble
  • Curbing the Menace of Stolen Credit Card Data
  • The Dangers of Two-Factor Authentication
  • The Most Expensive Security Breaches of Our Time and Remedies
  • Fairly-Used Digital Devices Are Cheaper But Risky
  • Data Breaches: Analyzing Both State and Sector
  • Authentication Strategy: The Link Between Convenience and Security
  • Can Your Mobile Phone’s “Data Protection” feature protect your data?
  • Cloud and Security Trade-Off: The Stakes are Higher
  • How Safe Is the Introduction of Codes from A Third Party to Your Website?
  • Is Your Anonymous Really “Anonymous”?
  • Open Source Security: Securing Its Ecosystem
  • Cybersecurity Attacks: What Businesses Can Do To Stay Ahead, Always
  • Solutions To Protect Your Businesses from Cyber Threats
  • How To Effectively Manage A Data Breach
  • Past, Present and Future Security Concerns: What You Should know
  • Understanding Policies That Compromise Your Personal data
  • Safe Application Choices: What You Should Know

One good thing about searching for the best topics for creating a research is that the deeper you dig, the more chances you have to gain more topic ideas. These are just a few of the topic ideas that will help you get started on the right footing.