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A List Of Impressive Term Paper Topics On Violent Video Games

Since the very first video game was developed, individuals and companies who produce games have been looking for ways of developing new and appealing ideas. Whilst video games used to be relatively simple, improvements in computer technology have enabled developers to produce more realistic games, based around an ever-growing number of different ideas.

As a result of the ability to make games more realistic, it has meant that various games have become more and more violent. For example, these days there are numerous games in which players can take the role of an individual who fights other people, in simple beat ‘em up games; alternatively, individuals can play the part of soldiers and other individuals on battlefields in which they have to shoot other people – even aliens and other creatures - in virtual reality landscapes. In fact, some games even involve individuals taking the role of a criminal, essentially carrying out random acts of violence.

As a result of the increasing amount of violence, as well as the ever improving realism of games, the issue of violence in video games has become an important point of discussion. For example, some computer games have been blamed for violent acts carried out by individuals in real life, whilst parents, teachers and many other people are worried that children will be influenced by the games they play.

As a result of the highly contentious issue that is violence in video games, it makes an excellent topic to write a term paper about. In fact, you can take various points of view, and write academic papers based on a range of different styles, such as argumentative papers, informative papers, compare and contrast papers, cause-and-effect papers, a wide range of other styles.

To give you some ideas of what you can write about, the following is a list of term paper topics on violent video games.

  • Are video games responsible for violence in society?
  • Should buy them video games be sold to children?
  • Is violence unnecessary in video games?
  • An in-depth study of the most violent video games of the past decade.
  • How accurately do video games portray the horrors of war?
  • Can young people tell the difference between violence in real life and in video games?
  • Should the makers of violent video games be prosecuted when the crimes take place that I said to have been influenced by people playing violent games?
  • Are video games too violent?
  • Cannot violent video games teach young people any lessons about real life?
  • Should violent video games be banned?